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Hello G, Goodbye M

Gigabit connectivity scenarios have been unleashed from the lab environment and are proliferating in the field. Multi-gigabit wireless fiber solutions are delivering speeds that connect businesses, residences, campus area networks and infrastructure for outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots. Service providers see the value of fixed wireless solutions that can be deployed in…

Why Does Fixed Wireless Broadband Matter Now?

When you hear the word “wireless,” you tend to think about mobile or Wi-Fi devices. Most people do, as roughly 80% of internet traffic is consumed by end-user devices such as laptops, phones, tablets or gaming consoles connected to indoor Wi-Fi access points or routers.  Until recently, unless you didn’t…

How We Make It Right the First Time

It isn’t easy or fun to be a wireless broadband service provider. Demand for broadband is high, the RF spectrum is scarce, and end customers don’t understand the technology. But it is certainly rewarding for those who connect communities, support working and education from home, and create meaningful jobs for…

Increase Broadband Speeds Without Changing Field Equipment

“We need to increase broadband speeds without changing field equipment” has been a challenge we often heard from service provider operators as they considered the new CBRS spectrum. After having deployed Cambium Networks’ CBRS radios, their perspective has changed.  The feedback from Van Billingsley, Founder, ESC Wireless in North Carolina, captures this…

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