Change Everything All at Once

PMP 450m is a first-of-its-kind fixed wireless broadband access platform that provides Massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology in a commercially available, cost-effective solution.

So long, interference

Over the past few years, many network operators have seen their pristine network operating on clean, uncontested channels grind to a halt as interference increased all around them, slowing their network speeds to a crawl and making their customers rather unhappy to say the least.

Offer the Bundled Voice and Data Customers Want

Customers want voice and data connectivity from a provider they trust. Now available, the C3VoIP-150 converts an ordinary analog phone to a VoIP compatible handset that can be used with hosted VoIP services. By connecting ordinary analog telephones that are already in your home to C3VoIP-150, subscribers can make low…

Options to Expand Connectivity

Building on the success for the ePMP™ solution we introduced last October, today we are launching the Connectorized Radio. This new addition to the ePMP portfolio provides an even lower cost option for deploying wireless access networks that can grow and scale with performance that you can count on. When…