Wireless Broadband, Tuned to Perfection

By Cambium Networks

Winners inspire each one of us to do our best. In a high-level competitive race, the difference between first and second place can be a thousandth of a second. The winner is likely the one who examined every aspect of their race, and the difference goes beyond style and muscles. The difference includes diet, sleep and other details that become part of the Ultra-athlete’s life outside of the race. Everything is aimed at winning.

Providing streaming video service is no different. Not at all.

Eolo, a service provider, just finished first of all service providers in Italy on the Netflix Speed Index. Winners are measured by sampling the average speed of Netflix users based on the service providers’ connections in evening “prime time” viewing hours. Eolo provided an average speed faster than all other service providers in Italy that appear on the Netflix speed index. The difference between first and second place is small but very significant. Of the top seven service providers, Eolo is the only one using wireless technology, while all of the others are using a mix of fiber, DSL and satellite.

Eolo uses, among various technologies, also the PMP 450m with cnMedusa Massive MU-MIMO technology to provide wireless ultra-broadband connectivity to their customers. PMP 450m is a field-proven solution that is commercially available around the world. Anyone would assume that fiber technology should beat wireless by a wide margin, and you would be right, when both technologies are set up in a lab environment. But Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWB) networks are providing benchmark performance that is beating fiber and wired networks – at a fraction of the cost. The difference is more than just wireless technology instead of fiber.

Customer speed is not only about throughput of the technology. It has a lot to do with how the networks are designed and managed. Just like winning ultra-athletes who closely manage their diet and sleep patterns, Wireless ISPs (WISPs) rigorously manage every aspect of their network. WISPs are very savvy about how they use the limited available bandwidths. Historically, they have been squeezed to make the most of limited frequencies. Because of this, they manage their wireless backhaul and distribution network and Quality of Service. Cambium Networks gives them the tools to finetune the network to ensure that the customer gets what they pay for. Our customer team and development engineers have invested many years working with network operators around the world to ensure that Cambium Networks wireless solutions deliver the most connectivity from limited spectrum.

Here are just some of the ingredients in our “secret sauce” in the PMP 450m platform:

Eolo is just one excellent example of an ISP that tunes their network to perfection to get the most out of it. If you looking for a resilient connectivity solution that delivers customer satisfaction and is a high-quality solution that is affordable, contact us and experience what we can help you achieve with wireless technology.

Published April 18, 2019