Cambium Networks Offers Network Managers a Comprehensive Switching Solution with cnMatrix™

By Cambium Networks
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The Cambium Networks portfolio has set a standard for quality, durability, and accessibility throughout the world for years. With the addition of cnMatrix™ family of switches, Cambium brings a new dimension of comprehensive networking – enabling users a more complete solution than ever before.

cnMatrix connects Cambium Networks products for every aspect of wireless broadband delivery – from backhaul across mountain tops to Wi-Fi access for handheld devices – supplying power and managing data traffic control with seamless integration. Together with cnMaestro™ end-to-end Cloud-based or on-premises network manager, this family of switches forms both the hardware and software components of an intelligent edge networking infrastructure.

As networks expand and their applications grow more numerous, the unique capabilities of cnMatrix support the rapidly evolving capabilities of the Internet of Things, public and private networks for residential and enterprise access, and industries from public safety to education.

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Published April 11, 2019