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SDR Technology Helps WISPs Extend Connectivity in COVID-19 Pandemic

The FCC is moving at unprecedented speed to help provide communications in response to COVID-19. They recently granted Special Temporary Authority (STA) to allow the use of 45 MHz of precious spectrum to fixed wireless service providers to deliver telehealth, distance learning and enable remote working in rural areas in…

Right-Sizing Wireless Capacity

We all live in a world of constant change. I was recently asked about what keeps Cambium Networks grounded when products and industry standards are in a constant state of flux. The communications technology industry is always evolving to meet demands with short product life cycles and constantly increasing demand…

ePMP Is Giving WISPS an Unfair Competitive Advantage in the Market

With the recent launch of the third generation of ePMP™, Cambium Networks’ customers are seeing unprecedented performance, scalability and reliability in their networks. The introduction of MU-MIMO in a cost-effective solution has further separated the ePMP platform from the competition. In a world where spectrum is limited, interference levels are high, and…

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