Reach for More in Education Connectivity

By Cambium Networks   March 19, 2019
School girls working on their homework digitally

Each of us remembers at least one teacher who made us feel good about learning. This person encouraged us to stretch our abilities to have a greater understanding of our world. As an adult, I admire the ability of teachers to engage each child. For me, teachers demonstrated that learning is fun and enriching and started me on a path of lifelong learning. This ability is especially noteworthy in the midst of the challenges of curriculum, budgets and classroom management.

Technology has a role to play in making information easier to access, classroom activities more collaborative and feedback on student performance more immediate. With connectivity solutions that include cnPilot™ Wi-Fi access points, cnMatrix™ switches, and cloud-based end-to-end management with the cnMaestro™ system, educators have an unprecedented opportunity to have classroom connectivity that performs at high capacity, is easy to install and manage – and costs less.

Our education solutions have no recurring license fees, no cost for the central controller, and come with a standard 3-year warranty. That means that more of the budget can go into the classroom instead of communications technology.

I encourage you to learn about our connectivity solutions for education:

Learning at any stage of life can be fun and enriching. Never before has so much information been available to tailor education to inspire young people. With the right connectivity, it is easy and cost-effective to connect every classroom. It just requires learning about the new capabilities.