Efficient Gigabit to the Edge of the Campus Area Network

By Cambium Networks

We all live a connected life. Work, school, entertainment, connected smart devices and many more all need a rich wireless experience. Increasing use of video, streaming and AR/VR applications place an ever-increasing demand on bandwidth. These trends have implications for a next-generation campus environment.

So, what is a campus? When you hear the word “campus,” perhaps a university campus comes to mind. However, campus settings span many industries. From corporate campuses to high-density housing and smart cities, campus deployments can vary. However, they all have some common themes that are being fundamentally shaped by user behavior. Users expect an awesome network experience regardless of their location. They are bandwidth hungry. They move around. They gather. High density happens. High density is not just in stadiums and shopping malls anymore. It is everywhere.

There is strong agreement that enterprise network deployments must offer users ease of mobility, multi-building and multi-site coverage, campus security and IoT device connectivity. From the number of ways to achieve that goal, wireless technology provides the multi-gigabit speed needed and can be implemented at a lower total cost.

A next-gen campus must have pervasive coverage and capacity, both indoor and outdoor. It also needs headroom for high density, low latency roaming and secure mobility across the campus. When you look at all these broad sets of requirements, wireless is the answer. Wireless gives you blanket coverage. Wireless enables campus mobility. Wireless gives you flexibility, and wireless is cost-effective.

We see the client explosion happening all around us. Everything is wireless enabled. The number of devices per capita keeps going up. So, we need reliable multi-gigabit connectivity and Wi-Fi to serve these clients. This translates to a unified Wi-Fi switching access network, but 60 GHz backhaul that can provide campus-wide gigabit connectivity. Our end-user experience is tied to how good their applications are performing. So, you also need the ability to deliver end-to-end quality of service for critical applications.

We need a simple management experience across the end-to-end network. Cambium’s answer to next-gen campus requirements is our end-to-end wireless fabric: multi-gigabit broadband to the edge, The right tool for the right job and right-sized solutions that deliver the lowest cost per megabit. Our answer for management is a common dashboard to visualize the end-to-end network and get actionable insights on client experience with our cloud-first management platform, cnMaestro X. Historically, requirements for outdoor connectivity were rather simplistic: extending the network to the periphery of the building, lighting up a parking lot or perhaps a backup link to connect buildings. Outdoor Wi-Fi access points with Wi-Fi mesh were used in such use cases.

Take 15 minutes to view my recorded presentation from Cambium Connections to see how indoor and outdoor wireless networks deliver an exceptional network experience with enhanced performance and efficiency.

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Published October 21, 2021