An Honor From Wireless ISPs

By Cambium Networks   October 19, 2018

Winning an award is a special event: each one has a unique story. Our most recent award is the Manufacturer of the Year award from the Wireless Internet Service Provider Association (WISPA). WISPs are a key business market for Cambium Networks, and for more than a decade we have been supplying connectivity solutions to help these entrepreneurial network operators cement their place in the communications industry and thrive.

This award is special because it represents the voice of the network operator members of WISPA voting for the manufacturer they prefer over others. This is a great honor and a recognition of every phase of our business, including technology research, manufacturing and operations, product management, sales, and support. It reflects how we listen to customer feedback, consider alternatives, and deliver on our commitments.

Obviously, we are not done, and it is not time to rest. In fact, we are opening new opportunities for WISPs to leverage their reputation of cost-effective reliable service and extend their business beyond their base of residential connectivity. Our Wireless Fabric of connectivity with Intelligent Edge opens the possibility for network operators to provide business and residential customers with broadband access with our Point-to-Point backhaul and three varieties of Point-to-Multipoint wireless distribution infrastructure: ePMP™ 3000, PMP 450m and the new cnRanger™ LTE solution in development.

Beyond extending the network, we open possibilities for WISPs to serve additional enterprise and industry customers as a Managed Service Provider with our cnPilot™ indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi technology and cnReach™ narrowband SCADA backhaul, and soon we will also have cnMatrix™ switches. The cnMaestro™ management system will provide end-to-end monitoring and provisioning capabilities to maximize efficiency.

Every effort to this point contributes to setting the stage for a positive future for network operators. Cambium Networks is committed to providing affordable quality solutions and offering choice in the technology so that Wireless ISPs can construct a network solution that satisfies their customers over the long term. We are honored to receive this award for the second year in a row and will continue our commitment to Wireless ISPs around the world.