CMS Internet Delivers 100 Mbps Service on a Modest Budget


ePMP 4500 - A versatile solution Using 5 GHz to profitably deliver 100/20 service to rural locations
Fiber overbuild is not a concern for CMS Internet. With the ePMP 4000 at 5 GHz today and 6 GHz tomorrow they profitably deliver 100/20 service at less than $60 per month in a highly rural area. Fiber, satellite and proprietary fixed wireless technologies will be challenged to compete with these economics. CMS Internet in Michigan is pushing the envelope of what can be achieved with fixed wireless along with holding their own against an aggressive government funded fiber overbuild, and ePMP 4500 enabled their success.

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“Our customers have been satisfied with our service for years, so we need to stay on top of the technology,” says Tyler Emmons, Field Operations Manager, CMS Internet in Michigan. “We looked at our technology options. ePMP 4500 fixed wireless is the best fit
for serving lower density environments.”

To keep their customers and grow their business, CMS Internet needed to offer speeds that support video streaming and gaming, and to reach locations that could not be cost justified using other technologies.
“My dream has always been to provide new customers the same speeds and price, regardless of whether they’re getting fiber or fixed wireless from us. Looking at trends and looking at everything else else, if you can deliver someone 100 Mbps with excellent
latency, boy, it goes a long way. We understand the game, and the long game, we know that we have to start delivering or giving the options for these faster speeds.”

CMS Internet needed a solution that could provide the coverage needed and also support the business case for their particular customer base. They explored many options to deliver 100 Mbps / 20 Mbps baseline service. While there were many
technology options, their requirements included:
• Network infrastructure availability
• Cost efficient coverage for low and medium subscriber density environments
• Equipment total cost that fit the business model for lower density environments

One of Tyler’s core competencies is to study and evaluate all the options and tools available to help grow CMS Internet. When evaluating what technologies to use across his network to bring it into the multi-hundred megabit era, the price of these tools is of
great concern. Most of CMS’s potential customers are within a few miles of each tower site, but most of these sites are low to medium density. While there are certainly more expensive tools he’s considered, ultimately it did not make fiscal sense. The hybrid fiber,
ePMP 4500, 4600, and 60 GHz approach is serving CMS Internet and their customers very well. They can mix or stack some or all of these tools and achieve higher margins and greater ROI with limited capital outlay. The ability to choose the right tool(s) for each
site makes CMS a more agile, profitable company.

Tyler has blazed a trail with early access ePMP 4500 firmware, loading up some AP’s with as many as 20+ subscribers, all on 100/20 plans using a single 40 MHz channel, and with plenty of room to grow.

The ePMP 4500 solution is a perfect fit to support their service plans and customer population. CMS Internet is able to deploy more APs that are closer to the customers. They deliver high-speed plans while maintaining an attractive price structure for their
subscribers with a long-term strategy that isn’t reliant on government funding. Their plan is to replace their older fixed wireless equipment with Cambium Networks ePMP 4500. They are going house to house and upgrading the radios to the new platform.

“We can now deliver 100 Mbps/20 Mbps plans efficiently,” said Emmons. “This is good for our customers who choose CMS Internet for reliable service at competitive prices. It is also good for us because our customer base continues to be pleased with their service.”