Multi Dwelling Units (MDU)

Deliver unsurpassed connectivity to residents, staff and guests.

When tenants complain about Wi-Fi, it usually boils down to one thing: an unpredictable network experience. But Cambium Networks allows you to take back control; we offer a complete solution for MDUs, featuring multi-gigabit connections and total indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi coverage.

Seamless roaming? Check.
Better security? Check.
Reliable infrastructure to support IOT services? Check and check.

Thanks to powerful and cost-effective technologies, residents and guests can stay connected throughout your property—and you can keep focused on core business needs.

Why Cambium Networks?

Rapidly deploy Wi-Fi for indoor/outdoor applications.

Accelerate digital transformation to automate door locks, HVAC and security systems.

Eliminate Wi-Fi interference from BYO internet kits.

Simplify network management with a unified interface—segmented for tenants, devices and staff.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Wi-Fi 6 connectivity enables our residents and nurses to do more than ever before. They can now stay connected throughout the facility—while we stay focused on business objectives.

– Walt Gant, Director, Hackensack Meridian Health

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