TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR BUILDING with a neutral host Wi-Fi network that transforms MDU Wi-Fi service into a source of increased revenue – while reducing operating costs and increasing resident satisfaction. Like other utilities, such as water, electricity or maintenance, the building is responsible for aggregate supply and distribution of services to the residents. Different levels of service can be offered, and the service can be part of the lease.

Properties that deliver exceptional online experiences for their residents can have higher occupancy, lower churn and higher resident satisfaction.

New apartment building requiring fast MDU Wi-Fi network.

Property owners who have taken control of their MDU Wi-Fi are able to deliver secure and consistently reliable online experiences to residents in class A, B or C multifamily assets across the entire property. Residents can easily and seamlessly use their devices in their unit, the laundry rooms, social areas, outdoor pools and patios.

With managed Wi-Fi, a property owner of a 100-subscriber property could expect $24,000 – $60,000 increased NOI annually.

Learn more from our MDU infographic.

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