Wireless Broadband Service Provider Optimism Reaches an All-Time High Despite Lingering Pandemic and Economic Uncertainty

By Cambium Networks

With optimism at 81 percent, global study showcases increased confidence in ability to grow their business and provide customers with higher broadband performance at lower costs

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL., Nov. 30, 2021 –  Despite the unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty in the economic climate, optimism among wireless broadband service providers is at a record high, according to a survey released today by Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions. For the first time, more than four out of every five wireless broadband service providers (81%) report that they are either more or equally optimistic about the future, up from 71% in 2020 and 61% in 2019.

The global study, Cambium Networks’ fifth annual survey, was conducted between July and August 2021 and gathered insights from providers of high-speed connectivity across 23 countries. The detailed survey explored a range of topics to assess service providers’ ability to meet increased customer demand for video, data, voice, and IT services to remain competitive.

The details of the survey show that wireless broadband service providers are fundamentally confident in their ability to acquire and retain satisfied business and residential customers by offering reliable service at reasonable prices, comfortable being early adopters of wireless technology; and able to make the most of new spectrum – including Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in the United States and 60 GHz frequency band globally.

“Wireless service providers remain resilient, with an unwavering ability to rapidly adapt to changes in demand and technology and strong commitment to satisfy their customers by providing reliable service at competitive prices,” said Scott Imhoff, senior vice president of product management at Cambium Networks. “By capitalizing on new opportunities in suburban and rural areas, while still serving their satisfied base in rural areas, they continue to drive the industry forward and create stronger, more connected communities.”

While wireless broadband service providers historically excel in rural residential services, the study showed that these operators are becoming equally adept at providing connectivity in urban and suburban applications, especially with 28 and 60 GHz millimeter wave technology trials and early deployments coming online in 2021. While 44% provide coverage in rural areas, coverage in urban areas climbed from 15% to 18%. Nearly a quarter (24%) provide services across an even split of urban, suburban and rural communities.

The planned 2022 availability of new 6 GHz spectrum also is seen as an exciting opportunity for expansion, with all respondents reporting that they are developing plans to capitalize on it to better meet the needs of increasing demand for connectivity.

In addition, wireless broadband service providers continue to expand their service offerings to grow their business, with 22% adding residential Wi-Fi, 14% adding outdoor hotspots, and 3% now offering mobile services. At the same time, the focus on some service offerings that saw growth in 2020 declined in 2021, including managed Wi-Fi (16%), voice (16%), IT support (12%) and video surveillance (11%).

Among the challenges facing wireless broadband service providers, funding and financing continues to rank highest, with 31% seeing it as an obstacle for growth. RF spectrum availability followed closely (29%).

“As we look ahead to 2022 and 6 GHz frequency bands become available, there will be a rapid and efficient use of RF spectrum,” continued Imhoff. “We expect these service providers to seize this opportunity for growth by offering more turnkey services to enterprise, industrial and municipal markets while extending services for home office applications.”

The full results of the study can be found here.

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Published November 30, 2021