Giving Back to Celebrate A Decade of Excellence

By Cambium Networks

In October of 2011, Cambium Networks separated from Motorola, and we began our journey as an independent company. The people of Cambium Networks are the strongest and most valuable asset we have. We listen to customers, identify opportunities, understand the current and evolving technology and always do our best to deliver communications solutions that just work.

One of our core values is to give back to the community. Not even the COVID pandemic can stop that. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, each of our 700 team members was given one day during the month of October as a Day of Giving. Each person could identify a need and give their time and talents to help people in their local community. The pandemic restrictions set some boundaries, but our team members were able to give back. Our more than 10,000 channel partners also joined in the Day of Giving with projects serving their local communities.

We started the month-long anniversary celebration with a mentoring panel for all team members on “Sharing Talent.” We discussed how and when is the best way to give of yourself (as a parent, as a child, as a friend, as a colleague) to do something with no expectation of compensation.

The “giving back” activities are as diverse as the people and the places they live.

Cambium Networks team members donated their Day of Giving to:

  • Clean a beach in Barcelona, Spain
  • Visit and comfort elderly dementia patients in France
  • Help an elderly man move to a new home
  • Help a high school student in Turkey through the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life
  • Deliver comfort therapy to three people in Italy
  • Volunteer as a mentor for the Beacon Foundation in Australia, who provide mentoring to school goers from lower socio economic areas and remote regions to help them prepare to enter the workforce
  • Donate socks for those undergoing chemotherapy since one of the side effects are cold extremities
  • Clean a beach in Florida
  • Donate and plant Oak trees at a park
  • Donate blood to help people with health issues when blood supplies are low
  • Donate to the Akshaya Patra relief operations for children in India
  • Donate food and time to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help people in need
  • Donate to the CCA food pantry in Lewisville, Texas
  • Preparing and distributing food to a local food pantry each Sunday in October
  • Donate to the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) to provide connectivity for families and aid agencies in the wake of natural disasters
  • Sort donations and making up food boxes for the Homeless in Teignbridge Support (HITS) Foodbank in the UK
  • Pack 16,848 meals for Feed My Starving Children to deliver worldwide

When you give back to the community, you also receive a deep satisfaction of connecting to others. After more than a year of COVID restrictions, many of our team members felt the powerful joy of helping others and improving the communities in which they live.

Cambium Networks’ people make the difference. When faced with challenges, we see the need, assess the alternatives and commit to doing the best that we can. We are glad to share with the communities we live in. That is who we are. With our first 10 years as a foundation, we will continue to do so.

Cambium Networks’ Day of Giving to Celebrate the Company’s 10th Anniversary 2021

Cambium Networks’ Day of Giving activity was highlighted in the article “4 Ways Your Company Can Give Back Locally” by Alexandria Jacobsen published in Built In November 24, 2021.

Published November 29, 2021