The Ultimate Tower Switch

By Cambium Networks

We listened. Broadband service providers told us how frustrated they were with field connections at tower locations. They said that there had to be an easier way to connect radios, power, synchronization and provide security for the network.

We built it. Designed for multi-gigabit fixed wireless broadband network operators, the cnMatrix™ TX series of switches provides a fully integrated switching solution that reduces the number of boxes, simplifies deployment operations while improving network performance.

The new Cambium Networks cnMatrix TX switches offer:

  • A single box solution purpose-built for Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWB).  The cnMatrix TX 2000 is an enterprise-grade, L2/L3 switch that also provides Cambium Networks synchronization, intelligent PoE, and redundant dual power supplies.  This single box solution will reduce the number of infrastructure components that are necessary today and will significantly clean up the cabling infrastructure. 
  • Automation to simplify operations with Policy-Based Automation (PBA) provides plug and play self-optimizing capabilities which eliminate manual and time-consuming configuration. Automated features include zero-touch capabilities to streamline provisioning, installation and daily operations.
  • Automated security with PBA that enhances edge security through auto segmentation, auto device profiling and auto policy enforcement. By blocking unknown devices, the switch only allows known devices to connect.
  • Intelligent PoE simultaneously supports multiple PoE modes allowing you to provide power to practically any device eliminating the need for sperate power injectors.

cnMatrix TX switches make it easy for service providers to rapidly extend networks with reliable and affordable fixed wireless connectivity. Reviews from broadband service providers include:

  • Community member djdrastic asks “Is this the Ultimate Tower Switch?” and shares Matt Kahle’s video review on this thread.
  • “The Cambium Networks cnMatrix TX switch packs of lot of great capabilities in one box that makes it ideal for WISP tower deployments,” said Eric Ozrelic, CEO and Founder, Webformix Wireless Internet. “With GPS synchronization, flexible PoE options, dual redundant AC/DC power supplies and a fully featured Layer 2/3 switching functionality, we have what we need to offer excellent service. Policy-Based Automation and cnMaestro™ management make deployment and ongoing management of the switch and our entire network super simple.”

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Published May 13, 2021