Multi-Gigabit Wireless Edge Opens New Opportunities for MSPs

By Cambium Networks

Managed Service Providers (MSP) are trusted with their customers’ livelihood. To deliver peak quality of experience, managed service providers (MSP) and IT service providers (ITSP) need high-performance edge network solutions that are easy to plan, deploy and manage so that the end customer experience consistently satisfies.

Our new ConnectedPartner program enables MSPs to easily offer enterprise and campus area network solutions with highly reliable, multi-gigabit wireless edge technology. This complete ecosystem encompasses Wi-Fi access points and switches, millimeter wave infrastructure, cloud management, webhooks and APIs to support interoperability, technical support and a global network of ecosystem partners ready to share best practices.

In addition, MSPs can extend their wireless service offering to campus area networks without the complexity of fiber buildouts or the interference issues associated with outdoor Wi-Fi mesh architectures by using Cambium Networks’ comprehensive portfolio of fixed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi networking solutions.

The end measure is in the confidence and satisfaction of demanding MSPs who deploy our solutions.

“While many platforms say they cater to MSPs, Cambium Networks listened and acted,” said Brian Brammeier, Chief Strategy & Chief Information Security Officer, Ntiva, Inc. “They extended their channel program to focus on automating implementation and operations to build an onboarding experience tailored to fast paced MSPs. They have built an intuitive user interface that takes an enterprise product and puts an “easy button” over it. This simplified interface covers the most common wireless setups that MSPs use. Streamlining process translates into real money savings on the new hardware as well as reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).” 

Thomas Locke, Chief Technology Officer, GlobalReach Technology says, “Our technology powers guest engagement and connectivity services for some of the world’s biggest brands, capability and reliability are both essential when we select an enterprise-grade wireless access point vendor. Cambium excels at both, providing support for our large-scale deployments and the next generation of guest connectivity (Passpoint). Combined with our carrier-grade, globally distributed AAA infrastructure users seamlessly authenticate onto a trusted and secure Wi-Fi network.”

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Published May 7, 2021