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What Is the Cost of Downtime?

It depends whom you ask. How much does it cost for a school to lose communications connectivity? The “price” might be lost time that could have been spent teaching lessons or completing assignments. How about public areas monitored by video surveillance cameras? That cost might be the public’s safety. For a…

India Connects People, Places and Things with Cambium Networks’ Wireless Fabric

Connectivity improves the lives of everyone it touches. Education opportunities are expanded. Health care is dramatically improved. And connected businesses reach customers around the world. For those fortunate enough to have connectivity, the benefits are often taken for granted. But for those communities being connected each month, the difference transforms…

Eliminating the Digital Divide in India

The digital divide in India is being eliminated. Just as is the case with any utility such as electricity or water, everybody needs online access. In my recent trip to India to meet with network operators and partners, I met many individuals who are taking on the task of bridging…

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