Eliminating the Digital Divide in India

By Cambium Networks

The digital divide in India is being eliminated. Just as is the case with any utility such as electricity or water, everybody needs online access. In my recent trip to India to meet with network operators and partners, I met many individuals who are taking on the task of bridging the digital divide. The end goal in confronting the digital divide is consistent around the world: to improve the quality of life with connectivity.

As connectivity grows in India, new opportunities in education, health care and new skills training will emerge. India is in many ways a young and fast-growing country. Broadband connectivity is the fabric that connects the country, and the wireless fabric that Cambium Networks is helping to deliver will connect people, places and things.

India is not only well populated, but it is also a vast country with varied terrain, including desert, mountains, river valleys, coastal regions and rural areas. Wireless technology has to be very robust, with best-in-class advanced technologies to deliver a solution that can fulfill the demands of the terrain and environment. Technology must be resilient and of high quality to deal with long distances, different standards and RF noise conditions. Our wireless fabric of connectivity solutions employs different frequencies, enabling network operators to rapidly develop a custom solution tailored to fit the specific application. Whether it is for video, rich multimedia applications, education, teleconferencing or business connectivity – all can be strongly supported by the Cambium Networks wireless fabric.

While the connectivity challenges are similar to other areas around the world, one aspect that makes India particularly challenging is the fact that the average revenue per user (ARPU) is much lower. Maintenance and equipment failures are not acceptable because they add additional repair and operational expense that tips the business model adversely. The wireless fabric has to be of high quality, efficient and cost-effective.

Low ARPU, high-performance requirements, terrain and weather make connecting disparate rural locations and outer cities a significant challenge. Cambium Networks wireless fabric solutions are able to provide long-range wireless backhaul connectivity, reliable high-capacity distribution infrastructure, and indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access and switches, all managed through the cnMaestro management system.

Cambium Networks has a significant number of engineers in Bangalore and is actively involved in connecting people, places and things to support India’s need to bridge the digital divide.

Published January 18, 2019