India Connects People, Places and Things with Cambium Networks’ Wireless Fabric

By Cambium Networks

Connectivity improves the lives of everyone it touches. Education opportunities are expanded. Health care is dramatically improved. And connected businesses reach customers around the world. For those fortunate enough to have connectivity, the benefits are often taken for granted. But for those communities being connected each month, the difference transforms lives.

Cambium Networks is providing wireless broadband technology of affordable quality that is connecting people, places and things in India. While these deployments are in their early stages, they are showing the transformative power of connecting people to the world.

  • Chennai stadium needed to provide reliable indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity for 38,000 cricket fans. Working with our partners, our cnPilot Wi-Fi solutions provide high throughput for streaming video and sharing photos, coverage throughout the stadium, and high user capacity to support a crowded event.
  • A professional school in India connected campus classrooms and dormitories with indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi. In a situation where the terrain would require considerable cost and labor to install cable or fiber technology, wireless connectivity connected the campus in three days. Now, the cnPilot™ Wi-Fi system supports 300 simultaneous users and improves education to prepare students for the modern workplace.
  • A technical school in Bangalore needed Wi-Fi connectivity to connect classrooms, dormitories, hallways and administrative buildings across their 21-acre campus. Multiple indoor and outdoor access points were installed to support 500 simultaneous students and 100 guest users. The system also includes the cnMaestro™ management system to provide a real-time “birds-eye” view of network performance to maximize network availability.
  • A major mining operation in Bangalore needed to have connectivity to large moving vehicles so that they could be easily tracked and improve operation efficiency. An array of cnPilot outdoor access points was rapidly installed to provide sitewide connectivity to 100 simultaneous users. Because the technology is wireless, there was no need for the cost and time of trenching cables, and the installation was completed without disrupting operations.

The Cambium Networks wireless fabric of connectivity solutions makes the network resilient, easy to operate, high-performance, and agile, providing cost-effective connectivity for network operators. Our point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, Wi-Fi and narrowband wireless infrastructure can be leveraged for enterprise edge, IIoT industrial access and residential access applications. The entire purpose-built end-to-end network is managed by cnMaestro. All Cambium Networks solutions are backed by our global organization that provides support services tailored to meet business needs.

Cambium Networks’ connectivity solutions provide complete end-to-end connectivity to connect almost any location:


Wireless backhaul and licensed microwave links including the PTP 550 offer Gbps throughput connect over long distances to bring capacity to remote areas.


cnMedusa™ Massive MU-MIMO and ePMP™ 3000 MU-MIMO technology provides Gbps speeds per sector to blanket communities and work sites. These solutions provide high-throughput capacity and spectral efficiency for “last mile” multipoint broadband infrastructure. This wireless layer connects Intelligent Edge access solutions including indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks that support devices, sensors and controls.


cnPilot Wi-Fi provides industry-standard enterprise edge access wireless connectivity to devices, vehicles and equipment. The cloud-managed network also provides an easy-to-operate solution with low total cost of ownership, with the robustness to keep running even if connectivity to the cloud is lost. Wi-Fi access is easy to deploy and easy to operate.

Cambium Networks is glad to be selected for these projects to connect people, places, and things in India. Our wireless fabric of solutions is proven to provide reliable coverage that satisfies end users in many applications. Contact us to discuss your connectivity needs and challenge us with opportunities to prove our solutions. We will be publishing success stories from across India over the coming months.

Published May 17, 2019