Cambium Networks MU-MIMO Uplink is a Game Changer for Wireless Video Security

By Cambium Networks   May 22, 2019

Reliable high-speed connectivity is needed so that people, places and things can be connected – of this there is no doubt. While there is a lot of conversation around 5G and wireless broadband downlink speeds to enable streaming video, email and data transfer, reliable high uplink speeds are needed for video surveillance applications. With the proliferation of cameras providing security in factories, parks, parking lots, businesses and public areas, it is vital that the communications infrastructure for video surveillance provides affordable and reliable connectivity when large numbers of devices are uploading streaming video from the edge to an operations center.

The PMP 450M wireless broadband access point, equipped with cnMedusa™ technology is the first to market with Massive MU-MIMO for uplink video streams. This hub and spoke multipoint wireless distribution layer architecture is essential for CCTV and public safety video security systems. With more than 1 million PMP 450 modules deployed around the world, the system is proven to provide reliable performance in harsh weather, temperature and terrain.

Here are the high-level results from the field with a PMP 450M access point communicating with 13 remote cameras using a 15 MHz channel width in a noisy environment.

Unlike lab experiments in a highly controlled environment, the above results were achieved with cameras from 1 to 3 miles distant and Line of Sight from the access point using the 5.8 GHz frequency band with noise at -75 dBm in all locations. Based on current settings, the system will be able to triple the number of cameras from the current number of 13 to ~40.

In addition, the entire network is monitored and managed by the cnMaestro™ management system that provides centralized end-to-end management and real-time monitoring of link performance via a single pane of glass to rapidly identify problems and minimize downtime.

Unique PMP 450M Key Factors:

  • Ability to balance uplink and downlink throughputs
  • Little to no jitter and low latency for clear images
  • Supports 7 simultaneous uplink streams via cnMedusa 14 x 14 Massive MU-MIMO technology
    • Channel State Information can be derived from existing traffic
  • Industry leading dynamic rate adaption to ensure reliable connections
  • Secure AES over the air encryption

Simultaneous HD Streams: Migrating from 720P at 2 frames per second to 1080P at 5 frames per second

A customer from the field evaluation comments: “In our legacy PMP 450 Access Point using 20 MHz channels, the cameras needed to be set to 720P at 2 frames per second. Last week, we switched to the 450M with Massive MU-MIMO and were immediately able to move the cameras to 1080P at 5 frames per second. We can go higher if needed.”

Network operators can experience dramatic cost savings from the reduction in time and labor associated with wireless technology. Reliable, affordable wireless broadband also, opens the opportunity for security system operators to create a private network instead of contending with the recurring costs of leasing connectivity infrastructure from a service provider. Watch for the full details of the deployment coming soon in a solution paper. Please post your questions or comments to this thread on the Cambium Networks community.