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The Internet is Needed More than Ever by Navajo Nation Residents

Navajo Nation residents in New Mexico are contending with the COVID-19 virus. Sacred Wind Communications has created WiFi hotspots that enable students to connect for classes and families to get the services they need. This Navajo Times article points out that “less than 60% of Navajo homes in some areas…

Wi-Fi Management Done Right

Control your enthusiasm Simon, it’s just another network management system.  Or is it? Wireless LAN controller.  Boring and expensive.  Cloud network management?  Been there.  Single pane of glass management?  Now there’s an old term that has never quite lived up to its name.  Until now. Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro™ management system…

The NEW cnPilot™ e430H Microcell Wall Plate Access Point

Sorry, Simon, you must have heard it wrong.  Not microscope Wi-Fi, maybe you heard microcell Wi-Fi. The cnPilot e430H is a wall plate access point featuring a discreet and sleek design. As a microcell wireless access point, the e430H will look great mounted on the wall in a hotel, dormitory…

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