Revolutionary Service Providers Grow Fast

By Cambium Networks

How does a communications service provider become a Cyber Revolutionary? By delivering “the most cost effective and reliable unlimited internet services” using the latest Wi-Fi and millimeter wave solutions using solar powered masts.

Tizeti Network Limited connects more than 2 million Wi-Fi users in highly congested urban areas and rural areas in Nigeria. Their residential and enterprise subscribers consume 150 TB of data per day with 25 Gbps capacity over 100 tower locations. They deployed Cambium Networks’ ePMP fixed wireless broadband network infrastructure to serve thousands of outdoor enterprise grade Wi-Fi access points, with more than 90% of the sites powered by solar panels.

Tizeti is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and Cambium Networks is proud to be a partner in making their vision a reality. As a key technology partner, we are ready to help them expand broadband connectivity to improve education, healthcare, and other areas for their subscribers.

What makes Tizeti stand out is their ability to innovate. “With its focus on renewable energy via solar panels, instead of grid electricity or generators, Tizeti is better able to significantly reduce its operating costs, especially during a period of skyrocketing diesel prices, and pass on these cost-savings to consumers, making it hyper-competitive in terms of subscription costs,” writes Temitope Osunrinde, the Vice President of Marketing in his article “The Growing Ambitions of a Cyber Revolutionary” here in TechEconomy. Kendall Ananayi, Founder and CEO of Tizeti Network Limited – and 2021 Wireless Connectivity Hero Award winner – shares his views on optimizing network capital efficiency with “energy sipping” fixed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi instead of “power guzzlers.”  See how efficient and reliable technology yields a sustainable cost advantage over other service providers in this video.

The technology to revolutionize communications is here and it is proven. Interested in seeing how you can achieve these goals in your service area? Contact Cambium Networks.

Published July 26, 2022