New Connectivity Solutions for the Hospitality and Education vertical markets in the UK and Ireland

By Dan McCarthy

End users are demanding more from education and hospitality networks. The pandemic has changed forever how people communicate in learning environments or when they are away from home. Network operators need reliable high-performance solutions that are affordable – and that is exactly what we deliver.

At Cambium Networks, we’ve seen phenomenal growth in the enterprise space with a particular focus in the UK and Ireland. Despite the pandemic causing severe challenges since February 2020, returns on both markets have grown 50% quarter on quarter. It’s on this foundation that the UK and Ireland team has appointed an experienced, focused enterprise networking specialist to help maintaining that momentum. We’re all really excited about the potential that Mike Best is bringing with him and the potential we see ahead of us in developing the channel to better serve the needs of network operators as networks evolve to Wi-Fi 6.

Mike comes to us with a very strong background in Wi-Fi applications and includes channel account manager at Ruckus as one of his previous roles. So, we naturally want to take advantage of his wealth of experience to help continue our growth trajectory, focusing on the specialist health, hospitality and education markets where his recent time spent with Quadriga will be an invaluable asset to help him hit the ground running.

For the past 18 months, we’ve taken part in significant success in the hospitality market and in particular, many holiday parks have deployed a combination of our point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions with our switching and Wi-Fi at the end of these connections. With the introduction of our new cnWave 60 GHz platform, we’re seeing that success increase even more. As well as the hospitality sector, the education market has also been a particularly strong one for our enterprise solutions. And since we’ve launched our Wi-Fi 6 platform, the uptake in both these sectors has increased due to the extremely competitive price point combined with an incredibly well specified and highly featured product set.

The future of these two verticals in the UK and Irish markets is incredibly bright. With many schools and colleges having used lockdown to review and redesign their existing infrastructure to allow them to benefit from deploying new switches and Wi-Fi 6 APs, together with the anticipated bounce back in the hospitality sector later in June, we see a terrifically exciting and really buoyant market going well into 2022.

The paradigm shift is coming, and digitalization has already found its route to those markets. If we embrace it and bend it to our will, we can harness technology constructively to enhance services those vertical markets should deliver.

Right now, the possibilities for digitalization are large. We’re on the brink of an explosion of innovation, and it’s crucial to work together with partners and customers to plan on the best possible solutions. If you have a connectivity challenge that you would like to discuss Contact us and let’s get started.

Published May 24, 2021