Network Operators Providing Connectivity that Makes a Difference

By Cambium Networks

Earlier this year, we solicited nominations to spotlight service providers whose networks drive change in their communities. After reviewing the nominations, all our team members at Cambium Networks are pleased to congratulate the following networks that inspire each of us:

Asia Pacific Region:

  • LM Energy Systems, India. Their iConnectWe internet services bridge the digital divide and provide business and residential connectivity across multiple villages in the harsh terrain in India.
  • MarchNet, Australia. Headquartered in Brisbane, their network connects farms, mine sites, businesses and residential locations in remote regions in Australia.
  • Textra Solutions, India. This supplier implemented a cnPilot™ Wi-Fi solution to connect Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) machines to improve the efficiency of delivering agricultural commodities to market.

Central and Latin America Region:

  • Sintecsys, Brazil. This agricultural technology company deployed an ePMP™-based video surveillance network to protect over three million hectares of managed forests in Brazil.
  • Cinergia, Mexico. The network, managed by the cnMaestro™ system, connects more than 18,000 users in rural areas each day.

Europe, Middle East and Africa Region:

  • ICTS, South Africa. This leading integrator of business connectivity solutions deploys IT infrastructure technology to improve efficiency.
  • A1 Vip, Macedonia. Their wireless broadband service has been operational for 15 years and has evolved as demand for throughput has increased.

North America Region:

Each network has a unique story and a character worth knowing. We are working with each of the winners to develop case studies that share the network details and learn best practices from these experts.

The wireless fabric of connectivity solutions from Cambium Networks has been providing affordable quality in connecting people, places and things around the world for over a decade starting with the Canopy PMP architecture. We at Cambium Networks are pleased to make the equipment that you, the network operators, install to make a difference in your communities.

Published September 26, 2019