Relentless Innovation and Customer Delight

By Cambium Networks

Last year, Cambium Networks announced that our ePMP technology was selected by HeroTel, the largest Wireless ISP in South Africa for a nationwide deployment in their network. At the time, Gerrit Pretorius, Regional Head of RF Planning and Spectrum Management at HeroTel East, summarized field tests of ePMP 2000 by stating that testing of the equipment returned impressive results and allowed Herotel to load more than three times the number of clients than previously deployed technology.

The considerable performance increase did not satisfy the ever-changing needs and habits of internet users for too long. As streaming video consumption increased along with bandwidth usage, more Access Points went up on the tower and so did the density of networks. More equipment meant more interference and congested spectrum.

At Cambium Networks, we did not stay idle for too long to adapt to this constantly changing environment and need for more capacity and bandwidth. When we launched the ePMP 2000 system, we began to define the next generation ePMP 3000 system focusing specifically to combine the strengths of ePMP 2000 with a considerable performance boost with unique features of the ePMP 3000. ePMP 3000 is designed to provide higher throughput in noisy spectrum leveraging the following key attributes:

  • Multi-User MIMO – to simultaneously transmit to two subscribers in the downlink and thus doubling the throughput in the downlink
  • Intelligent Filtering – similar to the ePMP 2000 system, ePMP 3000 uses dynamic filtering to drown out neighboring channel interference
  • GPS Synchronization – use of Cambium Networks’ field proven GPS synchronization to address self-interference and allow frequency re-use.
  • Smart Beamforming in the Downlink – A 4X4 solution that provides increased link budget in the downlink beamforming while providing additional benefit in the uplink with multiple receivers
  • Compatibility –the unique capability of the ePMP 3000 is to communicate to all of Herotel’s existing ePMP 2000 subscriber modules and give the network a boost without a single subscriber module changeout

One year later, and Cambium Networks has launched the next generation ePMP 3000 system. The new technology enabled dramatic performance increases by changing out only the access point, without making any changes to the large number of subscriber modules at the customer locations. We took our solution to Gerrit and asked for him to share his experience. Check out the video.

Cambium Networks is dedicated to Relentless Innovation – it is one of our core values as a company. Our sales teams, field technical managers, development engineers and every team member know that we live in a dynamic world. We are finely tuned to the constantly evolving needs of the customer and our relentless pursuit of innovation allows us to anticipate issues and respond to customers’ evolving needs. The performance improvements in ePMP 3000 are a testament to our perseverance.

Published October 1, 2019