Gratitude? There’s A Day For That!

By Cambium Networks

Given just a few minutes of spare time – when waiting in the airport or riding around in the back of an Uber, for example – I always try to take a brief pause, breathe deep, and reflect. These little slices of time aren’t for the deepest meditative thoughts, but they do present themselves as perfect moments to pause and reflect on life and to be grateful.

For some, thoughts of gratitude are a daily thing. And reflecting on the bounty of our lives is a powerful way to remain grounded and not take things for granted. World Gratitude Day is an unofficial holiday that is celebrated every September 21st. According to several accounts, the celebration began in 1965 in Hawaii, and those at the original celebration apparently took Gratitude Day back to their home countries. Shortly thereafter, in 1970, a non-denominational meditation group at the United Nations included celebrations of Gratitude Day as part of their ongoing practices, which include simple, powerful messages of “peace, love and oneness.”

Since the ‘60s and ‘70s, Gratitude Day celebrations have grown, and individuals and organizations use the holiday to celebrate their own personal and collective expressions of gratitude. And while I have so many things to be thankful for in my personal life, I also find it useful to reflect with gratitude on Cambium Networks as a company, as well as our community of employees, customers, partners and investors.

Contemplating gratitude also makes me think about calls to action and using that action as a way to humbly place a wonderful thing into the life of someone else. Doing a good deed creates something that people feel grateful for and is usually an encouragement for the receiver to give back. I like to think of this as a virtuous circle. As a company, Cambium Networks is about much more than technology – we’re also about giving back, one of our core values. Part of my charter in guiding our company means putting effort and resources behind various charitable projects, including Cambium Networks’ efforts in connecting schools, donating bikes to children, and providing connectivity to people in need.

We do this work because we have much to be grateful for, including the ability to share with others to make a positive difference. Giving back helps our team to be more tuned into our blessings and to celebrate the joy of life – even if just for a few minutes in an airport lounge or in the back of a ride share. But it makes a qualitative difference in how one feels, and I invite you to join me – and the extended Cambium Networks family – in celebrating on the 21st.

Published September 20, 2019