Deliver Connectivity Through the Storm

By Bryan Sheppeck

Last year, when Hurricane Florence hit the South Carolina coast, RCR Wireless published a story with the iconic photo below showing the flag on Frying Pan Tower. As RCR Wireless reported, one of our PTP wireless broadband radios provided voice, data and a video stream throughout the duration of the devastating hurricane.

This storm season, Hurricane Dorian slammed into the South Carolina coast almost exactly a year after Hurricane Florence. Not only was Frying Pan Tower connected during the storm, it was the same radio that, again, endured the punishing conditions of being directly in the path of the hurricane. After the storm had passed, Richard Neal, the owner of Frying Pan Tower, described how his PTP wireless broadband link performed steadily through harsh conditions in this YouTube video.

Cambium Networks designs equipment to withstand tough conditions and provide consistently reliable performance so that network operators’ mission-critical and business-critical communications have maximum availability.

While satisfied customers like Richard state that “it just works,” there is nothing casual about our commitment to quality and performance. We are relentless about innovation as a core value of our company, and we invest with the intention to deliver high performance in harsh conditions. Reliability doesn’t come for free. Field reliability comes from deep knowledge of the technology and the application. We listen to customers, investigate alternative solutions, develop preferred solutions and then test to validate performance. And we continue to test to provide solutions that consistently deliver high-performance, enterprise-grade wireless solutions.

What does this mean for network operators who may not operate in a hurricane? By listening carefully to understand customer environments and harnessing technology to serve them, Cambium Networks provides solutions that perform under many demanding conditions, whether it is RF noise, high density networks, managing complex networks via a single pane of glass with our cnMaestro™ management system or harsh weather.

I invite you to contact us so we can understand the nature of your storm and leverage our experience into your network solution. You will be satisfied. If you summarize it by saying “it just works,” that is more than fine by our team.

Published September 18, 2019