Municipal Gig-Speed Infrastructure in Weeks

By Cambium Networks

City CIOs don’t have to wait around. Municipalities are facing the need to enhance their communications infrastructure to improve public safety and efficiency. The good news is that the funding and RF spectrum for these improvements are now available in the United States and other regions. The challenge is to get the job done right in a tight timeframe. To do this, city CIOs need to find the right partners and the right technology.

Here is how it is done. Castle Rock Microwave upgraded the City of Aurora, Colorado’s aging infrastructure in a matter of weeks. 31 links were installed in hot cutover to improve public Wi-Fi, voice, data, video surveillance and credit card processing.

Scott Newman, the CIO of Aurora, Colorado says, “This newer wireless technology gives us the gigabit speed that we need, with performance and reliability significantly higher than we had before. The project was well within the budget, was delivered on time, and deployment was far faster than fiber infrastructure. We are pleased with the work from Castle Rock Microwave and equipment from Cambium Networks, and we are considering similar projects in the near future.”

Wireless technology is proven reliable and can be rapidly deployed without the cost and hassle of ripping up streets.

Brett Bonomo, founder and president of Castle Rock Microwave, shares his view: “The combination of 60 GHz cnWave™ and PTP 850E is allowing Aurora’s enterprise network and community to benefit from multi-gigabit speeds. Planning and coordination between our team, Cambium Networks, the city of Aurora and Aurora’s internal customers made this upgrade straightforward.”

Winners make their craft look easy. It becomes easy for others when they share their learnings. Now, any municipality can gain from the Aurora deployment:

It’s easy – with the right partners and the right technology.

Published April 29, 2021