Cambium Networks Launches Managed Service Provider Partner Program

By Cambium Networks

MSPs and IT Service Providers can rapidly expand enterprise service offerings without the complexity of fiber or Wi-Fi mesh architectures

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., May 04, 2021 – Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of wireless networking infrastructure, today announced a new ConnectedPartner program enabling Managed Service Providers (MSP) to easily offer solutions with highly reliable, multi-gigabit wireless edge technology from Cambium Networks. The package of benefits makes it easy for MSPs to procure, install and manage tenant accounts and integrate their services. In addition, MSPs can extend their wireless service offering to campus area networks without the complexity of fiber buildouts or the interference issues associated with outdoor Wi-Fi mesh architectures by using Cambium Networks’ comprehensive portfolio of fixed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi networking solutions.

“While many platforms say they cater to MSPs, Cambium Networks listened and acted,” said Brian Brammeier, Chief Strategy & Chief Information Security Officer, Ntiva, Inc. “They extended their channel program to focus on automating implementation and operations to build an onboarding experience tailored to fast paced MSPs. They have built an intuitive user interface that takes an enterprise product and puts an “easy button” over it. This simplified interface covers the most common wireless setups that MSPs use. Streamlining process translates into real money savings on the new hardware as well as reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).” 

“MSPs and IT Service Providers (ITSPs) are strategically important to every enterprise,” said Ron Ryan, senior vice president of global channels at Cambium Networks. “Companies of all sizes migrate to service providers who consistently deliver reliable connectivity. Our goal is to make it easy for our partners to offer superior service at competitive prices.”

In addition to the benefits of the Cambium Networks ConnectedPartner Program, partners in the MSP program realize additional benefits, including:

  • Special discounts– MSP members have immediate access to discount pricing on Cambium Networks Enterprise solutions
  • Market Development Funds – MSP members can take advantage of market development funds provided by Cambium Networks to build their practice
  • Financial information – with a display of recurring cost and special MSP discounts to expand the business
  • Dedicated technical support – an MSP support desk that knows members and the MSP business model
  • Training and tools – Software planning tools for MSPs and online sales and technical certification training
  • Input to development roadmap – through participation in Cambium Networks’ MSP advisory forum
  • Expanded portfolio – extend services offering by adding multi-gigabit fixed wireless capabilities for campus area networks.

“We now have a simplified and unified platform across our network with central management. Our technicians can easily interact with the network on a remote basis,” said Roy Alexander, Business Development Manager, VisionNet. “We looked at a number of vendors and landed on Cambium Networks for the performance, price point and the corporate support behind it.” View his video here.

“Our customers can increase their download and access speeds while connecting more devices simultaneously,” said Richard Ozsvath, President and Founder of RJO Networks. “With Cambium Networks products we have the ability to easily install and configure multiple devices from a remote location. Once we get the Cambium Networks products installed, we stop getting phone calls from our customers having performance issues.” View his video here.

A recent Tolly Group report showed that Wi-Fi 6 Access Points from Cambium Networks outperformed Aruba, Meraki (Cisco) and Ruckus in terms of performance and TCO.

Cambium MSP partners have the opportunity to enhance their offerings with multi-gigabit wireless connectivity for campus networks without the inference issues of Wi-Fi mesh or the many challenges of fiber. The 802.11ay based 60 GHz cnWave fixed wireless portfolio can be deployed in a mesh configuration on low roof tops, sides of buildings or street furniture to deliver highly reliable, high-performance connectivity over typical campus environments. In addition, a mesh configuration also enables connectivity around corners (normally line of sight is required for fixed wireless deployments).  The cnMaestro X network management system, running the cloud, can be used to manage both the Wi-Fi and campus area fixed wireless network. Cambium Networks’ full range of fixed wireless broadband solutions are available through its global network of partners.

About Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks delivers wireless communications that work for businesses, communities and cities worldwide. Millions of our radios are deployed to connect people, places and things with a unified wireless fabric that spans multiple standards and frequencies of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi, all managed centrally via the cloud. Our multi-gigabit wireless fabric offers a compelling value proposition over traditional fiber and alternative wireless solutions. We work with our Cambium certified ConnectedPartners to deliver purpose-built networks for service provider, enterprise, industrial, and government connectivity solutions in urban, suburban, and rural environments, with wireless that just works.

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Published May 4, 2021