Mission-critical Switches that Make High Performance Easy

By John Mead

The cnMatrix™ portfolio is a family of switches that are purpose-built for different use cases and deployment scenarios. As you can see in our press release, we’re very excited to be formally launching Cambium Networks’  EX 2k line of switches. The EX 2k switches are enterprise-grade layer-2/layer-3 switches targeted at the wired/wireless enterprise access layer. Initially the EX 2k line of switches includes four models. These switches are fully equipped with 8 or 24 1GE access ports, 2 SFP or 4 SFP+ uplink ports, a true OOB (Out of Band) network management port, a local RJ45 console port, and a USB port for file management. Two of the four models are PoE-capable and have a very substantial power budget for supporting 802.3af/at across all access ports. cnMatrix’s Cloud Managed Intelligent Edge architecture enables customers of all sizes to deliver on the promise of a unified access network that is enterprise grade and more affordable than traditional enterprise vendor solutions. 

cnMatrix switches were designed based on direct input from enterprise network operators. The hardware and software are proprietary, with custom designs. Four themes were the guiding principles for the architecture and design:

  • Quality
  • Ease of use
  • Feature richness
  • Innovative differentiating features

In today’s network edge, many features and capabilities are expected, and cnMatrix delivers. A long list of L2 features is, of course, included. cnMatrix also supports L3 switching with static and dynamic routing. From a management interface point of view, cnMatrix can be fully managed with Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro™, which is available via the cloud or on premise. Every Cambium Networks wireless device, including cnMatrix switches, can be managed with cnMaestro, a single pane of glass. However, we don’t stop there. cnMatrix provides a very comprehensive CLI interface that supports every aspect of every feature. A Web-GUI is also available. Additionally, every cnMatrix feature is instrumented with an SNMP MIB that can be accessed with any SNMP-based application. The final category of features, security, is probably the most important. cnMatrix provides a secure environment, with a long list of security-oriented features.

A networking switch is a crucial component, and producing a reliable, dependable and robust switch is a very important objective. We stand behind this with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Ease of use is now expected in any modern network device. cnMatrix is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to maintain, and if there’s a problem in the network, cnMatrix makes it easy to troubleshoot. cnMatrix provides a true zero-touch experience!

Last but not least is the innovative and differentiating features that cnMatrix delivers. cnMatrix provides an intelligent edge for your network that consists of a suite of features. Policy-based automation (PBA) automates the configuration of the switch that is dependent on what devices are connected to the switch. So, as a result, when connecting, moving or changing devices, all necessary switch configuration can be automated, which eliminates error-prone manual configuration. This dynamic configuration is also automatically cleaned up and removed when a device is disconnected from the switch. From a security point of view this is very important. Another capability that comes with our intelligent edge suite of features is enhanced security. Connecting devices are profiled and auto segmented into the correct virtual network.

cnMatrix is wireless-aware. All of Cambium Networks’ wireless devices that make up the wireless fabric can be connected to anyone’s switches; however, when you connect these Cambium Networks devices into a Cambium Networks cnMatrix, extra functionality and capabilities are available as compared to using a third-party switch. For example, when connecting cnPilot™ to cnMatrix, configuration is automated on the switch.

In conclusion, cnMatrix provides enterprise-grade Layer 2 Layer 3 switching that can be cloud- managed with Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro. A zero-touch experience is provided with PBA.  Security is enhanced with auto profiling and auto segmentation of devices. All of this, with the cnMatrix Limited Lifetime Warranty and Cambium’s best-in-class support, provides an overall industry-leading TCO.

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Published November 8, 2018