Connectivity makes a difference in many ways. In partnership with Leave No Veteran Behind and American Wide Broadband, Cambium Networks connected a Community Hub in the South Shore neighborhood in Chicago at Windsor Park Lutheran Church with high-speed wireless broadband and free WiFi. Since the network launched in 2016, the community has found ways to leverage the system to improve the lives of local residents.

While the system provides connectivity for job searching, homework, applying for services and video surveillance to provide a safe location, Cambium Networks employees recently extended the reach into the community.

  • The Hub includes a food pantry with is part of the Greater Chicago Food Depository. As part of Cambium Networks’ seventh anniversary, employees in our Rolling Meadows office donated food to stock the pantry. Located in an area with no major food stores, this pantry is one of the largest distribution locations on Chicago’s South Side.
  • Even better than providing free Wi-Fi, Cambium Networks team members showed young people how to install and configure a Wi-Fi access point (AP). TechGirlz is a nationwide organization that promotes technology among young women. 16 young people in the program attended the session that included unboxing, connecting, provisioning the AP and creating their own network with their own name and splash page. This simple session gave them the opportunity to explore and better understand the Wi-Fi and RF technology that is going to be a part of their lives. Regardless of their future, connectivity will be a part of their lives, and there is no better way to learn than with hands-on experience in a friendly environment.

Wi-Fi and connectivity truly make a difference in peoples’ lives – both in the near term and over the long run.

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