Grow by Delivering Exceptional Digital Experiences

By Ray Savich

Wireless Etc, a WISP in Arkansas knows how to compete and win. Every day, they compete with five FTTx service providers. It’s no secret how they win – offer service that satisfies. David Milholen, the CTO explains how he provides better services using lower cost fixed wireless where possible.

By using Cambium Networks’ Quality of Experience (QoE) advanced service, Wireless Etc is “able to give people more of what they want.” After putting in two QoE appliances, customer trouble reports are eliminated, and the Chief Relations Manager couldn’t be happier.

Buffering complaints are gone

“I thought QoE would be the best answer for us. And we didn’t go wrong,” says David. “I can’t look back. It has been nothing but great. All of our calls with slowdowns or buffering have all gone away.”

Don’t get caught up in the technology

End customers want reliable and affordable broadband. They are indifferent to the technology that connects them. Service providers value technology that is reliable, fast to deploy and yields a great return on investment.

How QoE does it

Cambium’s QoE solution is completely hardware agnostic. It works on any brand, in any network and on fiber, cable or wireless technology. Use the numerous advanced features on any equipment that you use to offer broadband services, from fiber to licensed and unlicensed fixed wireless.

  • Application Shaping
  • Rate Limiting
  • TCP Optimization
  • Automatic Congestion Management
  • Application insights

Be the service provider of choice. Find out more about QoE.

Published November 7, 2023