Accelerate Network Troubleshooting and Streamline Security with cnMaestro 4.1

By Bruce Miller

Users demand excellent connections. Security must be impenetrable. Budgets are tight. IT teams are lean. cnMaestro provides the single point of truth for managing Cambium Networks deployments and the latest 4.1 release significantly raises the bar in enabling IT to address these challenges.

The difference shows in network performance. Chaz Hager, President, Northriver IT reports, “We recently used cnMaestro X Assurance to address a challenging network performance issue occurring at a school district customer and it significantly accelerated our effort to resolve issues while eliminating the manual effort that would have been needed to collect and analyze data.”

Let’s take a look at the primary components of this release.

  • cnMaestro X Assurance is the new name for Cambium’s cloud-based insights engine that continuously collects and learns from data reported from the managed devices on the network. X Assurance has proven itself time and again in real troubleshooting scenarios to reduce time to resolve issues dramatically – by 90% or more. It effectively puts the power of an advanced engineer at the disposal of every cnMaestro user. AI/ML algorithms are used to identify and predict trending issues across customer sites and proactive alerts are generated. The platform monitors client experience scores and connectivity statistics over time, enabling forensic troubleshooting. The system is designed to execute historical issue resolution without any reason to duplicate issues or require packet captures which fundamentally speeds up root cause analysis. Watch the video.
  • Personal Wi-Fi provides a unique solution for ensuring secure connectivity to Wi-Fi clients across campus networks in a simple way. A personal WPA3 Wi-Fi security credential per user ensures private wireless communications and our patent pending solution maps this to secure segmentation on the wired network while maintaining seamless roaming across properties. Watch the video.
  • Network Service Edge provides security and SD-WAN services for Cambium’s ONE Network solution. This release expands its content filtering capabilities to 88+ categories for much greater granular control. Content signatures are refreshed twice daily to ensure up to date security posture for customer networks. Watch the video.
  • Assists security audit scans device configuration and generates a performance score that provides valuable insights on potential configuration vulnerabilities in the network. This release extends Assists to site level analysis and cnWave™ 28 GHz products, in addition to existing coverage of Wi-Fi, switching, PMP, ePMP solutions. Watch the video.

See for yourself how cnMaestro X Assurance will change your approach to delivering exceptional service.

  • View the online demonstration of the cnMaestro X Assurance feature. Go to the demo.
  • Attend the webinar “Accelerate Troubleshooting and Streamline Your Security: Exploring cnMaestro 4.1” on Tuesday November 14, 2023 at 10 AM US Central time. Register here.
Published November 7, 2023