Cambium Networks’ cnWave 60 GHz V2000 is the Company’s Fastest Ever Unlicensed Point-to-Point Fixed Wireless Solution Delivering 5.2 Gbps of Throughput to 1 Kilometer Distances

By Cambium Networks

Service providers, municipalities and enterprises can now deploy reliable multi-gigabit wireless backhaul for video surveillance or outdoor Wi-Fi

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., Nov. 1, 2022 – Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today introduced the cnWave™ 60 GHz V2000 client node, a flexible, mid-range client node designed for municipalities, enterprises, and service providers that want to backhaul Wi-Fi and video cameras; deploy building-to-building connectivity or serve residential internet access.

cnWave 60 GHz V2000 Client Node

Higher reliability and lower latency than Wi-Fi mesh

Designed for high-speed and high-density deployments in cities and suburban areas, the cnWave V2000 is the latest addition to Cambium Networks’ cnWave 60 GHz portfolio. The V2000 marks a significant advancement in ease of use and deployment for point-to-point configurations and extended range for distributed mesh network deployments. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi mesh technologies, distributed networks using cnWave have less than one-millisecond latency per node, and the mesh reconverges in less than 250 milliseconds all while delivering multi-Gbps throughput.

Faster time to revenue at lower total cost than fiber

By backhauling Cambium Networks’ XV2 series of outdoor Wi-Fi access points, the V2000 client node provides easy, fast and cost-effective wireless gigabit connectivity at a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than fiber infrastructure. The V2000 has the potential to deliver Point to Point links of up to 5 Gbps with channel bonding technology already available today in the cnWave 60 GHz V3000 client node.

“The V2000’s have opened up many more deployment opportunities for us to expand our cnWave deployment,” said Aaron Hildreth, Founding Member, Intellipop. “They are light, easy to assemble and have allowed us to directly compete with the local cable company deploying a fiber network. It has held up well in inclement weather and we are optimistic for the future of our fixed wireless deployment.”

“For cities that are deploying video surveillance and outdoor Wi-Fi, or simply extending broadband access to underserved facilities, the V2000 is a great solution to extend existing fiber networks or as an alternative to laying new fiber lines,” said Scott Imhoff, SVP of product management and planning at Cambium Networks. “With the V2000, enterprises and service providers now have greater flexibility when it comes to locating and connecting cameras and Wi-Fi access points while solving business case challenges with 60 GHz.”  

The city of San Jose, California’s Smart City Vision project in operation for more than one year leverages 60 GHz millimeter wave wireless technology from Cambium Networks as the network infrastructure installed on streetlights, traffic lights, and buildings throughout the downtown corridor to support a network of outdoor Wi-Fi access points. The Cambium Networks-based distributed network infrastructure covers approximately 60 city blocks to provide free Wi-Fi connectivity for residents, visitors, workers, and businesses throughout strategic downtown corridors.

Designing networks to support Wi-Fi or security cameras in large open areas like parking lots, staging areas, transportation facilities or parks is a challenge. Trenching fiber to every device has always been problematic due to the cost and time required. Traditional Wi-Fi mesh couldn’t deliver low latency or reliability. With Gbps speeds in each direction at 1 kilometer range, the V2000 client node opens up more use cases for enterprises while boosting ROI for service providers deploying multi-point or distributed networks. The V2000 also features a 2.5 GbE PoE input port, as well as a 2.5 GbE PoE output port for powering Wi-Fi access points or video surveillance cameras.

In addition, in point-to-multipoint configuration, the V2000 offers roughly triple the coverage of the popular Cambium Networks cnWave 60 GHz V1000, allowing residential service providers to cover more homes per distribution node. The V2000 is also available as a preconfigured standalone solution in a 2 Gbps Bridge-in-a-Box.

Enterprises also benefit from extending fiber networks with multi-gigabit fixed wireless technology. A Class 1 freight rail company with operations in the U.S. and Canada deployed cnWave 60 GHz to rapidly deploy connectivity across a train yard to connect station houses, maintenance facilities and refueling stations without trenching fiber, which would disrupt operations. Read the details here.

The V2000 is part of the Cambium ONE Network, which simplifies operations by providing one secure IT experience, transforming the network from a collection of disparate parts to a unified architecture. The platform integrates Wi-Fiswitchingnetwork security, SD-WAN and outdoor fixed wireless infrastructure into a single framework managed by cnMaestro™ cloud management.

Learn more: Register here to attend the Deploying Multiple Gbps Capacity is Quicker and Easier than Ever with the Latest cnWave 60 GHz Solutions webinar on November 15, 2022 at 10AM US Central time.

Like all Cambium Networks solutions, the cnWave 60 GHz V2000 Client Node is available through a global network of partners.

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Published November 1, 2022