5 Years at the Helm of Cambium Networks

By Cambium Networks

When I started as CEO at Cambium Networks in 2013, I was aware of the market need for high-performance wireless connectivity and the significant potential that existed within the people of the company. Like the path to success that exists in the Olympics, I knew that progress would take time, teamwork, and perseverance. To focus all of the people in the global company on a common goal, we instituted the Core Values, to provide a common framework and language governing the context of all of our daily work.

The power of a common culture is undeniable. While at first, many of our values may have felt like aspirations, over time each employee found that by relying on the Core Values as their guide we as individuals made better decisions in our daily work.


In the beginning, the business was in many ways working to find its legs as a standalone company. The first stage was to identify how to meet commitments to customers and process orders while supporting the existing business. After emerging from a large organization, we had to find ways to achieve what we needed instead of depending on a large infrastructure.


With the basics of the business stabilized, the next years saw us bring new affordable yet innovative wireless connectivity solutions to new markets. Leveraging our strong DNA in RF technology and radio performance, we created the PTP 670 with industry leading spectral efficiency, enabling us to have higher throughput in less spectrum. At the request of our partners and customers, we also invested in developing the affordable ePMP™ multipoint distribution system. To round out our wireless offerings, we added the cnPilot™ enterprise Wi-Fi solutions.


The new product lines are now viable and showing growth in their own business areas. We now offer a complete end-to-end wireless connectivity portfolio for network operators to connect their world. Our latest PMP 450m MU-MIMO innovations are bringing 5G capabilities to service providers. Our indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions are increasing hotel guest satisfaction ratings. Our cnReach IIoT SCADA backhaul connectivity is improving efficiency and reducing communication costs for industrial users. Our success goes beyond products as we celebrate the goodness of those Connectivity Heroes who take our technology to improve lives and change the world. Cambium Networks is now strong in many areas – and the industry sees it. In 2017 we have won major awards for technology, channel management, and social responsibility.

No athlete makes it to the medal podium at the Olympics by just showing up. Winning takes a change in vision and behavior, and relentless execution with loads of perseverance. It has taken Cambium five years to get to this point. We will not rest now – we have only just begun.

Published February 12, 2018