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ePMP 2000 Access Point with Intelligent Filtering

The ePMP 2000 Access Point is the core of the ePMP 2000 system, bringing a whole new level of interference tolerant performance to real-world networks at an affordable price. ePMP 2000 builds on the feature-rich, highly scalable performance of ePMP 1000, complete with Frequency Reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization. ePMP 2000 works with existing, proven…

5 GHz
120 Maximum Subscribers
5.1 - 5.97 GHz
Yes Gigabit Ethernet Port
200 Mbps
IP 55 Ruggedization

ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna

The ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna enables Smart Beamforming, a part of the innovative Hypure technology powering ePMP 2000 designed from the ground up to help real-world networks overcome powerful interference and maintain excellent performance.

5 GHz
ePMP 2000 Only Compatibility
5.1 - 5.97 GHz
Ruggedization IP 65

ePMP Sector Antenna

With a compact design featuring integrated ePMP Access Point and ePMP 2000 Smart Antenna mounting, a very high Front-to-Back Ratio of 35 dB, and a wide frequency range, the ePMP Sector Antenna is the perfect partner for ePMP 2000. The ePMP Sector Antenna also features excellent null fill, to allow subscribers at all ranges from…

5 GHz
Gain 18 dBi
4.9 - 5.97 GHz
Front-to-Back Ratio 35 dBi
Ruggedization IP 67
90 and 120 degree beamwidths

ePMP 2000 System

The ePMP 2000 system is more than the sum of its parts, giving network operators and their customers the benefit of highly scalable, reliable performance at a whole new level of interference tolerance.

Integrated System Mounting Yes
Force 300

Force 300-25

The High-gain Force 300-25 802.11AC Wave 2 solution provides 500+ Mbps peak throughput, always-on spectrum analysis, and local WiFi management.

5 GHz
500+ Mbps
25 dBi
QPSK, 16 QAM, 640 QAM, 256 QAM
GPS Sync

Force 200 5 GHz

The ePMP Force 200 adds a subscriber module and point-to-point (PTP) radio to ePMP’s 5 GHz line of products, designed to operate in high interference environments and provide superior throughput of over 200 Mbps of real user data. Long range deployment is enabled by the 25 dBi antenna. Configurable Modes of operation ensure robust adaptivity…

Force 190

The Force 190 provides up to 200 Mbps throughput and low latency with a high gain antenna in a compact design.

5 GHz
up to 200 Mbps
22 dBi

Force 180

The ePMP Force 180 5 GHz subscriber module is the next generation of the ePMP 5 GHz Integrated Radio offering a higher-gain, integrated 16 dBi patch antenna.

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