3 Ways to Make Coverage Maps Easier

By Seth Poche

Broadband service providers are able to easily plan wireless extensions to build revenue. With precise coverage modeling, they can clearly identify and connect new business and residential subscribers and deliver exceptional service every time. But who has the expert technician with the detailed information on the specific RF environment?

Now any service provider can. It’s not magic – it’s cnHeat™ software.

“Without cnHeat, we wouldn’t have been able to successfully complete those installations, resulting in lost revenue. cnHeat’s heatmaps are very accurate. We were able to skip testing across the property. We knew exactly where to go. We saved at least an hour of surveying and went straight to the location where we could find signal.” – Shahan Warsi, IT Director, SKYNET

If you are not familiar with cnHeat, here are three things to know that can make your coverage mapping easier:

  1. Manufacturer Agnostic – cnHeat models the environment regardless of the manufacturer technology you are using.
  2. Precise Models – with integrated with GIS data down to one-meter precision, cnHeat generates highly accurate RF predictions and derivative services that accurately represent the reality of the RF world.
  3. Cost Effective – cnHeat helps ensure that installations are done right the first time, reducing waste and rework.

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Published February 7, 2023