Celebrating Women and Girls in Science

By Cambium Networks

Science knows no boundaries. Each day, we live our lives under the benefits of those who have dedicated themselves to the study of science, and those who have applied science to improve the way we live, learn and work.

On February 11, we celebrate Women & Girls in Science. We honor the women who have made contributions to science in their careers and encourage young women to explore the possibilities of a life in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Other business disciplines are also becoming a science as technology extends to operations, marketing and sales.

Innovations can come from anyone at any time. New ideas and new technology can improve the health, education, economy and wellbeing of another person or community. It is our role to create an environment where all people can pursue their interests and feel supported. This foundation of support gives growing individuals the opportunity to devote their full attention to learning and experimenting  – and in turn developing solutions that will help us create a better world.

At Cambium Networks, women play a key role in connecting the world. I encourage you to meet a few of the women who lead our engineering, marketing, sales and operations teams in this video. Explore the opportunities at Cambium Networks here. Communications technology plays a special role in sharing ideas. At Cambium Networks, we value the contributions of all team members. Our commitment to global teamwork crosses all boundaries. Each member learns from and supports each other. As a result, our teams develop innovative solutions that just work – and together we move to the next goal as the demand for bandwidth continues to grow.

Published February 10, 2023