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Rapidly Expanding Hospitals to Provide Care

With the COVID-19 virus affecting more people, hospitals are challenged to provide care for a number of patients that exceeds the capacity of the facility. Turning patients away is not an option. Hospitals are looking at constructing temporary facilities in adjacent parking lots to provide professional care to people in…

Recognizing Heroes and Their Efforts to Help Others

Since the global Coronavirus tragedy requires social distancing, connectivity has never been more important. There are many individuals leading the way in providing wireless connectivity for healthcare, enabling people to effectively work from home and connecting students to pursue their education. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or…

Gigabit Wireless Prepares Healthcare Professionals

Health should never be taken for granted. While each of us does what we can to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, we also need healthcare professionals to bring their expertise in times of need. Healthcare practitioners’ expertise comes from a rigorous education that prepares them for each…

Seize the Wireless Way

Cambium Networks challenges the idea that fiber is required for last-mile network performance and reliability. We have been instrumental in evolving wireless networks to Gigabit speeds. Now’ we invite you to come and use these speeds to your advantage. Test our solutions. You will be satisfied. In the communications industry, technology…

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