Seize the Wireless Way

By Cambium Networks   March 2, 2020

Cambium Networks challenges the idea that fiber is required for last-mile network performance and reliability. We have been instrumental in evolving wireless networks to Gigabit speeds. Now’ we invite you to come and use these speeds to your advantage. Test our solutions. You will be satisfied.

In the communications industry, technology shifts propel the next wave of solutions every four years or so. Right now, we are witnessing a tectonic transition with 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 adoption, CAF 2 and CBRS fixed wireless broadband projects, and millimeter wave fixed 5G solutions. The emerging standards are legitimizing what we have known for years: fixed wireless broadband solutions provide reliable connectivity at attractive costs. Wi-Fi access with a fixed wireless broadband wide area network (WAN) infrastructure is proven in urban, suburban and rural applications. Additionally, Gigabit throughput can be achieved at a fraction of the labor time and cost of fiber.

Our engineering and development teams are delivering on each of these technologies. Cambium Networks is ready to provide wireless solutions that are simple, scalable and economical for Wi-Fi 6, CBRS and 5G fixed wireless. Each network is unique and no one technology will fit all the demands. Our customers have a choice of deploying the wireless solution best suited for their situation, whether it’s over a large geographic territory spanning an urban or industrial environment, or within a classroom or retail store – and everything in between.

In addition to our radio expertise, we make network management easy and efficient. Planning tools with heat mapping coverage modeling enable networks to be designed right the first time. Cloud-based management with zero-touch provisioning provides a complete end-to-end view of the network, covering multiple technologies through a single pane of glass.

Cambium Networks is prepared for the next wave of growth in wireless technologies. We are not complacent with the status quo. Our wireless experts will continue to investigate the needs of network operators, take risks where business opportunities exist and innovate while delivering superior and measurable business value.