R-NIU+ Ruggedized PoE Switch Data Sheet


R-NIU+ PoE Switch is designed and built to handle harsh mission-critical environments in noisy electrical conditions. This MIL-SPEC, IP67-rated PoE switch is capable of 90 watts per port across 4 gigabit ports. Choices of fiber/copper backhaul ports are available. One device interconnects and powers the PTP 700 radio, TD-90, and third-party devices, such as video camera and sensors.
• Rugged plug-and-play switch for Cambium 18-meter auto-point system
• Single rugged device providing PoE to up to:
• 2 pairs of auto-point PTP 700/TD-90 setup
• 4 PTP 700 radios for a hub-site deployment with high-capacity backhaul

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