Wireless that is Easy to Evolve

By Cambium Networks   July 28, 2020

No one can make new RF spectrum. But regulators can shape the way that operators use the scarce limited spectrum that we have. In the United States, the FCC is working hard to make new spectrum available, and regulatory agencies in other countries are observing the success of their efforts.

A manufacturer must make the most of working within regulations. Cambium Networks is doing so in two ways: first, by providing higher spectral efficiency so that operators can move more data in tight spectrum. In a previous blog, we discussed the development challenges to deliver high spectral efficiency. Second, by making it easy for network operators to rapidly take advantage of regulatory changes and achieve the business benefits of the technology. 

Software-defined radio technology in our fixed wireless radios enables existing hardware to add functionality by changing the software load. As a result, time-consuming and costly field work is not needed, and the network changes as new software is loaded.

We also make it easy for operators to plan and execute the migration.

Learning how to migrate the system is easy wherever you are. We have provided the details in this Service Activation and Onboarding Webinar recording. Cambium Networks has also developed a Spreadsheet Template Tool that saves time and effort in getting devices onboarded to CBRS. Network operators can upload a complete sector of business and residential subscribers where the PMP 450 platform is used. This tool minimizes the waiting period for getting authorized to operate in CBRS and collates all required CPI information by sector. With these measures in place, operators have clear and easy records in case of future changes.

You are never alone. Our Cambium Community has more than 34,000 registered members who are able to share best practices about many topics, including a section devoted to CBRS. Here, you can learn from many others who are implementing this technology to meet end-user demand for bandwidth.

Times are tough for everyone on many levels. Our technology and support make it easy for network operators to gracefully evolve with the times and consistently deliver multi-gigabit wireless solutions that just work.