Unlock the Power of Precision with cnHeat Release 2.2: A Game-Changer for Broadband Service Providers

By Seth Poche   February 28, 2024

cnHeat has already set a new standard in Radio Frequency (RF) planning and coverage analysis for fixed wireless networks. Now, with the introduction of Release 2.2, cnHeat takes a leap forward, offering features that not only enhance operational efficiency but also open new avenues for customer engagement and service expansion.

cnHeat: A Proven Planning Solution

Before diving into the latest enhancements, let’s revisit the core capabilities of cnHeat. Built upon Cambium Networks’ deep expertise in fixed wireless RF planning, propagation, and modeling, cnHeat integrates with GIS data down to one-meter precision. This allows broadband service providers to generate highly accurate RF predictions that reflect the real-world RF environment, supporting frequencies from 2.3–7.2 GHz, 28 GHz, and 60 GHz. With cnHeat, providers can prequalify customers, plan networks with precision, and report coverage efficiently to regulatory authorities like the FCC.

What’s New in cnHeat Release 2.2?

The latest update introduces a suite of features designed to streamline operations and enhance service offerings:

  • Customizable Embedding: cnHeat now offers the flexibility to integrate its powerful RF prediction capabilities into other tools such as NMS, CRM, or customer-facing webpages. This feature allows service providers to tailor the cnHeat experience to their operational workflows and customer engagement strategies.
  • Web Lead Generation: A standout addition in Release 2.2 is the ability for providers to showcase their network coverage directly on their websites. Potential subscribers can check their service availability, instantly turning their inquiries into leads for the service provider. This feature not only enhances the customer experience but also provides a direct channel for lead generation.
  • API Integration for Seamless Operations: Understanding the importance of seamless integration, cnHeat now supports API connectivity with leading operational and billing platforms such as Powercode, Sonar, Splynx, and Visp. This enhancement ensures that customer information flows effortlessly between systems, improving operational efficiency and customer service.
  • Enhanced Customization and Automation: With Release 2.2, most aspects of cnHeat can be controlled through URL parameters, allowing for greater automation and efficiency. Service providers can now create their own prequalification tools, customizing the look and functionality to meet their unique needs.

Optimize Service and Efficiency

The enhancements in cnHeat Release 2.2 are more than just features; they represent a strategic advantage for broadband service providers. By enabling more precise planning, seamless integration, and direct customer engagement, cnHeat empowers providers to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. The operational savings, improved install success rates, and new avenues for lead generation collectively drive a competitive edge that is critical in today’s market.

Experience cnHeat for Yourself

To truly appreciate the transformative potential of cnHeat Release 2.2, we invite broadband service providers to register for a free trial. Experience firsthand how cnHeat can refine your planning processes, streamline your operations, and enhance your customer engagement strategies. Join us in setting a new standard for excellence in broadband service delivery.

Discover the future of broadband service planning and optimization with cnHeat Release 2.2. Register for your free trial today, and unlock the full potential of your network. Check out what broadband service providers are saying about cnHeat on the Cambium Networks Community.