Sumando Por Ti and Cambium Networks Changing Lives

By Cambium Networks

With the support of Cambium Networks and Winncom Technologies Corp., Casa Hogar gets a boost for education and security. Cambium’s CALA regional employees and Winncom personnel offer equipment, skill, and volunteer hours to supply Wi-fi infrastructure for education, entertainment, communications, and video security for Casa Hogar, Sumando Por Ti’s residence for girls.

Sumando Por Ti is a not-for-profit organization formed by Mexican entrepreneurs dedicated to community outreach. With the mission to end cycles of harm caused by domestic unrest, abandonment, and human trafficking, Sumando Por Ti established Casa Hogar, a residence for at-risk girls in need of housing, care, and education.

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With several programs dedicated to addressing the needs of this vulnerable population – nutrition, psychological health and emotional wellbeing, physical health, academics, recreation, and community engagement – Sumando Por Ti ensures that the dozens of young people in their care are given the opportunity to realize their full potential in safety and comfort, with love and guidance at every step.

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Published March 31, 2018