New Era and Cambium Networks Supporting Public Safety

By Cambium Networks

New Era Broadband of Pomeroy, Ohio partners with Cambium Networks to provide reliable, affordable Wi-fi access for community access and public safety. Previously, there was no Internet beyond dial-up available, and areas entirely lacking in cell phone service. For the unserved and underserved of Ohio’s Appalachian counties, connectivity was a challenge both geographically and financially.

They chose Cambium Networks ePMP platform for features such as adaptability to terrain, capacity, scalability, and price point to deliver broadband Internet to local firehouses for online reporting, training, certification of firefighters and wifi cell phone service.

New Era’s Dave Hannum explains “The value is that the fire stations can remain relevant. They were losing firefighter certifications because all the training is online now, and these firefighters were not able to work all day and then travel into town to get a connection to do their online certification training. They can now do it in their homes or at least at the station. Also, the secretaries of the stations can now file the reports online.”

About New Era: New Era Broadband, LLC, operating as New Era Broadband Services is a registered LLC in the State of Ohio and the County of Meigs. We were formed out of the need to provide high speed and broadband Internet access to the under-served and unserved rural customers in Meigs County, the Mid-Ohio Valley and beyond.

Published March 23, 2018