Meet Cambium Networks ePMP 2000 Platform on YouTube

By Ray Savich

We’re proud to offer innovative solutions that connect the unconnected in any environment, and view the challenges faced by each unique deployment as an opportunity to evolve. With our ePMP 2000 platform, connectivity reaches new heights of versatility and performance.

This ePMP 2000 overview video introduces the platform on the Cambium Networks Youtube channel, giving examples of its most fundamental capabilities. ePMP is designed for both business and residential ISPs, and offers functionality adaptable to both rural and urban environments.

Interference is a constant obstacle to high speed Internet access. ePMP’s high performance features such as smart beamforming and intelligent filtering enable clear transmission of Wi-Fi signals between all devices in an installation. Whether a deployment has to overcome topographical obstacles such as hills or forests in rural areas, or buildings with high user density in urban environments, these capabilities help ensure strong, reliable connections that support any application.

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Published March 16, 2018