Six Years of Exceptional Growth

By Cambium Networks

Where do you want to be in 5-7 years? It is a simple question to ask, and the answer provides an insightful view into the character and mindset of the responder. A reputation is not built in a single year; however, over six years, at Cambium Networks our core reputation of innovation and goodness has become a part of each employee.

When Cambium Networks was spun out of Motorola, we had good products, great people, and an opportunity in a nascent wireless broadband market. By listening to our customers, we prioritized developments that fostered the rapid adoption of new technology:

  • Scalability to build connectivity networks that grew from a handful to thousands of subscribers
  • Spectral efficiency to provide industry-leading throughput in a small amount of limited RF spectrum
  • Process efficiency to speed planning, provisioning, installation and maintenance
  • Innovation to extend broadband to include enterprise indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi and Industrial IoT wireless SCADA backhaul

We challenged ourselves to make and meet commitments by measuring our “say/do,” showing our performance against our promises to the industry. As great new products with affordable quality were developed to replace the good ones, customers and channel partners saw new business opportunities emerge, and they made investments in Cambium equipment to extend their coverage and customer base. Earlier this month, the Wireless ISP Association (WISPA) recognized Cambium with Manufacturer of the Year, Product of the Year (PMP 450m), and Service of the Year (cnMaestro) accolades.

Equal to our commitment to producing excellent technology is our commitment to serving our communities. Technology should improve the lives of all. There are many ways to apply the same technology that speeds broadband across major world cities and make a difference in helping people in need. Most recently, our wireless broadband solutions have made a difference in:

Our reputation is innovation and goodness. Each employee plays a part. This character has required hard work and personal commitment from each of our employees, and our customers and partners experience that character in each interaction.

Where does Cambium Networks want to be in another six years? We will be close to our customers, have deep experience with the latest technology, and run a business that is good for customers, channel partners, employees, and investors. Watch us.

Published October 31, 2017