Remote Learning Depends on Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi

By Cambium Networks

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways, shuttering physical workplaces and forcing educational institutions to pivot to remote learning. As part of their mandate of community support, the Kaiserman Jewish Community Center of Wynnewood, PA, decided to temporarily convert their dance studios, art rooms, and gyms into remote classrooms so working parents would have a safe place to leave their children during the day.  

Unfortunately, Kaiserman JCC’s original Wi-Fi solution hadn’t been designed to handle high-bandwidth activities and offered only spotty connectivity and poor coverage. As such, significant improvements were required so it could meet students’ remote learning needs. 

To ensure their network would be ready in time for the new school year, the Kaiserman JCC board turned to WiFi Integrators for Innovation for assistance. The community center needed a fast and reliable network and could be designed, deployed, and tested before they began to welcome students. They also needed a more effective way to manage their access points (APs), address their poorly installed and overloaded switches, and access ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance. 

Kaiserman JCC’s New Network Now Supports 50 to 60 Video Calls with Ease  

Wi-Fi Integrators for Innovation designed the community center’s network using Cambium Networks products, including adding a small Cambium Networks router and additional indoor APs. Cambium Networks has long been known for their high-quality products and customer-focused approach to business, values that WiFi Integrators for Innovation shares. Cambium Networks was also selected because they would not require cloud management or licensing fees, allowing the Kaiserman JCC to enjoy fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity. 

The new network was installed and fully operational in just over a day. After installing, testing, and configuring the networking equipment, WiFi Integrators for Innovation set up separate Wi-Fi networks for staff, students, and guests to help ensure both high-quality connectivity and improved security. 

The new network can comfortably support many remote students simultaneously, ensuring community center students have the tools they need to succeed and a safe, supervised learning environment while providing parents with peace of mind. 

For more information about this solution, including technical details, please review our case study. View the YouTube video here.

Video: Kaiserman Jewish Community Center Connects Remote Learning

Partnering with Cambium Networks provided an ideal solution for this client. Cambium Networks’ enterprise Wi-Fi solutions were selected for ease of deployment, attractive price, solid support, and free cnMaestro cloud management platform. Our partnership with Cambium Networks has also enabled us to sell these same products and services to multiple other clients successfully. Our sales and support team at Cambium Networks has always been there to assist in closing opportunities and turning them into long term clients.

Kaiserman JCC’s New Wi-Fi Solution Offers a Robust Return on Investment and a New Revenue Stream 

Kaiserman JCC’s new Wi-Fi network powered by Cambium Networks and installed by WiFi Integrators allowed Kaiserman JCC to see a 100% increase in revenue in the first week and a 650% increase in revenue in the first three months.  

If your current Wi-Fi solution is no longer able to meet your needs, Wi-Fi Integrators is here to help. For more information, or to begin designing your new network, please call 855-610-WIFI or send us an email

Andy Shoffner is a Founding Partner, WiFi Integrators. This content was previously published here.

Published January 26, 2022