Pioneering Innovation to Lead the Industry

By Cambium Networks

The evolution of technology depends on leaders who are the first to step forward and test the latest developments in their live network. There is always a risk in being on the “bleeding edge” of new technology as it is first installed for public use. We recognize those leaders who believe in their teams’ abilities to encounter and overcome issues as they blaze a trail. Their experiences and willingness to share their best practices make it easier for manufacturers to improve solutions and for service providers to build better networks.

More than 60 people have received the Connectivity Hero Award since 2017. View all of the winners here. While we spotlight these heroes, we know that there are many more people connecting the world. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or company who is making a difference with wireless connectivity in your area.

2022 Hero of the Year

Jeff Hardesty and the Desert iNET team have led the way in broadband service providers deploying 60 GHz millimeter wave solutions. His team also pioneered a homeowner association relationship to deliver multi-gigabit fixed wireless connectivity.

Thanks to Jeff’s work, he got this response from a customer: “Desert iNET recently upgraded us to a Gigabit by Gigabit service on their new technology, and… My boys are over the moon! I had the house wired for Ethernet, and now their ping to the Fortnite servers is 2 ms, and speeds are 920 Mbps by 940 Mbps symmetrical!”

Read the full story in the Desert iNET case study.

4Q 2022 Heroes:

Jose Camarillo, SKYNET360 for his groundbreaking work on deploying 6 GHz ePMP technology to bridge the digital divide in the United States. Read the press release here.

Jose Camarillo, SKYNET360

Manuel Coelho, president of Associação Campo Belo Gastronomia for his leadership in deploying Wi-Fi 6E with a 6 GHz ePMP backhaul infrastructure in São Paulo, Brazil. This deployment is an example to the world of the possibilities of 6 GHz technology. Read the full story in the press release here.

WiFi Solutions Ltd, for their work on improving connectivity at the Pentewan Sands holiday park by bringing Gigabit-speed infrastructure and the ability to support 1,000 users with a 50 Mbps connection at any one moment. Get the details in the case study here.

Pentewan Sands Holiday Park
Published March 20, 2023