Qualcomm, in collaboration with Anatel, Cambium Networks and Telium, brings 6E Wi-Fi to São Paulo

By Cambium Networks   December 12, 2022

Demonstration is the first in the 6 GHz band in an outdoor area in Latin America and will take place on a street in the Campo Belo neighborhood, in São Paulo

São Paulo, December 12, 2022 – Qualcomm Serviços de Telecomunicações Ltda. (Qualcomm Brasil), in collaboration with the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and the companies Cambium Networks and Telium, will make the experience of the 6E Wi-Fi connection available to the population of São Paulo, in the region of Rua Gabrielle D’ Annunzio, in the neighborhood from Campo Belo. The initiative is the first 6E Wi-Fi in the 6 GHz band in an outdoor area in Latin America. The connection will be available for two months, starting on December 3rd, in cooperation with the Municipality of São Paulo and the Campo Belo Gastronomia Association, benefiting visitors to establishments in the region.

Wi-Fi 6E is considered the evolution of wireless connection, providing users with higher speed and lower latency. It has support for frequencies in the 6 GHz band, in addition to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands that already exist in conventional devices. The technology is seen as a complement to the connectivity revolution brought about by 5G, since its transmission rates and latency are compatible with 5G. Customers of restaurants, taxi drivers and other people circulating in the region will be able to experience the novelty by connecting to the “Wi-Fi6E SP Outdoor” network for free.

Those who have smartphones with Wi-Fi 6E support will be able to enjoy the technology in the new band, with rates of Gbps. However, other users with previous Wi-Fi generations will also be able to use the internet on the previous frequencies.

The initiative will be an opportunity to use Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi 6E technology present in Cambium Networks equipment and the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) platform. Developed by the company for spectrum management, it will be used in this project to ensure that there is no interference with fixed point-to-point systems existing in that region, demonstrating the possibility of sharing this band. Also contributing to the project, Telium participates by providing the broadband Internet connection, while Cambium Networks offers 6E Wi-Fi access points and a point-to-point link also operating in the 6 GHz band, installed by the company Tecexpert. To make the initiative possible, Anatel approved a license for Temporary Use of Spectrum (UTE) for 60 days.

“We are bringing the opportunity to the population to experience a technology that represents a revolution in connectivity. And, once again, Qualcomm will be a pioneer, bringing the first installation of Wi-Fi 6E in the 6 GHz band in an outdoor area in Latin America. This is all made possible by the regulatory advances for the release of the 6 GHz band in 2020, and even better as soon as its use is extended to outdoor applications such as the one being carried out today, something very important that accompanies technological development, and making use of the Qualcomm’s AFC platform,” says Francisco Soares, vice-president of government relations for Qualcomm Latin America. and technological solutions.

“Projects like this make it possible for citizens to get in touch with innovations and for society to start experimenting, adopting and assimilating this new phase of connectivity in Brazil,” says Moisés Queiroz Moreira, Anatel advisor.

“São Paulo is always at the forefront of technology. Campo Belo is a neighborhood that is home to several bars and restaurants with an audience interested in technological innovations. We embarked on this project to bring consumers this innovative experience in connectivity,” says Manuel Coelho, president of Associação Campo Belo Gastronomia.

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