Our Opportunity to Connect Children

By Cambium Networks   November 19, 2018

Children are the future. Just as Cambium Networks as a company is about connecting the unconnected with technology, we are also focused on serving our communities. Both initiatives make the world a better place, now and in the future. This year, to celebrate our seventh anniversary as a company, employees are assembling and donating 50 new bicycles to the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade.

The 50 bicycles to be given to local children in need will be on display at the finish line of the parade. The event is the world’s largest motorcycle parade, drawing 40,000 to 50,000 motorcycles each year. Started in 1978, for 40 years more than a million total motorcycle riders have delivered donated toys to the United States Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program. I would imagine that the vast majority of the motorcycle riders in the parade remember receiving their first bicycle.

The event connects Chicago’s North Side and South Side communities as the riders follow the 20-mile course through the city’s many and diverse neighborhoods. This day brings together a true cross section of people with a common interest in helping children in need. The volunteers from across the Midwest are glad to participate – and to claim that they rode the 20 miles through the city, with no red lights!

The event also connects people. Cambium Networks team members have contributed their talents and time to help people through many activities around the world, and their work is featured on our Social Responsibility page. For this particular event, employees from the Rolling Meadows office will be working together to assemble the 50 bicycles for delivery to the parade finish line December 2. As is the case with any work, the assembly process is easier when people work together to achieve a common goal. People from all aspects of the company contribute to the common cause.

With these bicycles, children will have freedom to explore their world, understand simple mechanics, and exercise. They will also build friendships and connections as they grow.